Carrying Extra Fuel Or Water On Your Dirt Bike

No matter how large your fuel tank is, there may be times when you need to carry a little extra fuel.  Or perhaps you need to carry water for camping in the desert.  If your dirt bike has metal racks, you may be able to use something like a Rotopax canister.  But if you don’t have a rack, it is a little more challenging.  This report talks about a few approaches that have worked well for me.  Perhaps you can use similar approaches with your bike.

I previously wrote a report about a 2 liter canister holster made by Mike at OBR ADV Gear.  This holster works great for the Tour-A-Tech 2 liter fuel canister or a 2 liter water bottle.

Water bottle

2 liter water bottle and holster

Bottle Hoslter-008

2 liter fuel canister

I asked Mike if he could make me a holster to hang a 1.5 liter Primus fuel bottle on each tank shroud.  This would allow me to carry a little more fuel (or water) and keep the weight up front, rather than on the rear with my luggage.

Mike designed a bottle wrap that can be adjusted to hold any bottle between 3″ and 4.5″ in diameter.  A 1 liter bottle (fuel or water) is about 3″ in diameter, but the larger 1.5 liter bottles are 3.5″ in diameter.  His bottle wrap works perfectly!

Mike Bottle Wrap (4)

Adjustable bottle wrap

Mike also makes an adapter patch that fits under the fuel cap.  I found that I could mount the bottle wrap tightly to my tank shrouds even without the patch, but the patch provides a little more security to keep the bottle from sliding down.

Bottle Holder Feb2016-004

1.5L bottle mounted to tank shroud and adapter patch

Bottle Holder Feb2016-005

This setup works well and gives me room for my knees.

Mike Bottle Wrap (3)

Two 1L bottles attached to the patch

Of course you can also mount the bottle wrap in other locations.  It has a couple of D-rings so it is easy to mount onto your luggage anywhere you wish.

I made the following chart to show what kind of fuel range I can expect from different size bottles or canisters.  With two 1.5L bottles, I should increase my fuel range by about 40 miles.  Combine that with two 2L canisters, and I get about 90 miles of additional range.

Bottle Range

This photo shows a size comparison of some of these options.

Bottle Holder Feb2016

1L water bottles, 1.5L water and fuel bottles, the adapter patch, a 4L and 6L Dromedary

Some people use the MSR Dromedary bags to carry fuel, but I have chosen not to.  They are not legally approved fuel containers in the USA, and they out-gas, causing anything near them to smell of fuel.  But they do work great for carrying water.  I found that the 6L bag fits nicely on top of my luggage.  Once I empty the bag, I can roll it up and store it inside my luggage.

Cedar Mesa May2015-002

6L of water in an MSR Dromedary bag

2 more liters of water

2 more liters of water

Update: I just learned that Giant Loop now offers a USA legal 1 gallon fuel bladder.  It looks pretty nice.  Cost is $235 (used to be $99).



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