2 Liter Bottle Holster

For some time I have been looking for safe ways to carry extra fuel on my dirt bikes.  I don’t need additional range very often, so I don’t want a really large tank – but there are occasions when an extra 1/2 or full gallon would be nice to have.

Since Mike of OBR ADV Gear was kind enough to make me some custom tool pouches, I asked if he could also make me some bottle holsters that would carry the 2 liter Touratech fuel canister.  He made me two holsters and he did a great job.

2 liter bottle holster

I found out they will also hold a 2 liter water bottle of about the same size.

2L water bottle

The other day my daughter and I rode out to Toroweap and I wasn’t sure if her 3.0 gallon tank would give her enough range.  So, we decided to take one of the 2 liter bottles, giving her about another 1/2 gallon.

The bottle holsters have some webbing loops so you can strap them to just about anything.  We found that we could simply remove my daughter’s Wolfman Enduro fender bag and strap on the bottle holster.  It worked great!

Wolfman Enduro fender bag

Wolfman mounting straps

2 liters of extra fuel

Side view

The fender supported the extra weight of the fuel without problem.  And since this was not a very technical ride, my daughter was easily able to swing her leg over the bottle, which is taller than her tool bag.

After riding about 30 miles, we dumped the fuel into her tank and continued on with our ride.

When doing multi-day adventure rides, it is easy to strap these bottle holsters onto my luggage, giving me up to one extra gallon of fuel or water.

Strapped to the back of my daughter’s luggage

Strapped to the back of my luggage

And other 6L of water in an MSR Dromedary bag:

6L MSR Dromedary bag


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