“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  Helen Keller

The Gardiner family enjoys outdoor recreation.  Our favorite hobbies include river running, dirt biking, and mountain biking.  We enjoy exploring new areas, beautiful scenery, taking pictures, and make videos of our various adventures.  I hope you enjoy our family journal.

For more pictures, visit our Picasa photo albums.

Or our video collection on Vimeo.

13 Responses to About

  1. Emily Walsh says:


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  2. Paul Winslow says:

    Dee, really enjoyed watching your videos of White Wash and Onion Creek. A friend and I just took 30 riders to those places this last week end (it was my 12th. year of going to Moab). I have a web site showing pictures of some of our adventures – http://www.winslowrides.net – Would like to correspond with you (if possible). My email is – phwinslow@juno.com.

    Looking forward to your reply – Paul

  3. Dan says:

    Hi, I have your same moto (’14 KTM 350 xcfw). I’m looking at buying the same acerbis 3gal tank you have. When installing, did you have to modify any hoses or make any other mods to make for a good fit? Thanks!

    • The Acerbis tank did not require any mods to fit. The only fit issue is that it torques the side shrouds some, making it difficult to fit the bolts that attach the shrouds to the radiators. I think if you leave out the bottle shroud mount bolts that would be less of a problem.

      I switched to the Clockworks 3.1 gallon tank because I wanted a centered fuel cap for my tank bag. That tank does require modification to the radiator hoses. I ended up cutting them too short (after 3 attempts), so I installed a thermostat bypass hose kit. That was expensive, but now it fits fine.

      • Dan says:

        Great to hear and thx for the quick reply! I’ll be getting the Acerbis very soon. Btw, thanks for the great recaps of rides, love reading about ’em. Do you ever make it down to AZ to ride?

  4. I haven’t made it down to AZ yet. Maybe some day.

  5. Keith Baskett says:

    So of course the question becomes- did you sell your fe450? I have one, and would maaaybe like a second for my wife.

  6. Tom Martin says:

    Hi Dee, I have some questions about your father and his Lodore Canyon run of 1938. Could you please e-mail me a phone to reach you at? Thank you in advance, Tom Martin 928-556-0742 tomhazel@grand-canyon.az.us

  7. Chris says:

    Hi – I have a KTM 350 XCF-W, and am thinking about adding a Rekluse. Are you glad you upgraded to the Core EXP?

    Thanks a lot –


  8. Chris says:

    And then 30 seconds later I found this post – from you – that answered my question. Thanks!

    When I bought mine I called Rekluse to get their advice. Basically they said if you race, get the Core. Since I am a recreational rider, I went with the EXP.

    You can read my review of it on my blog.

    But a few things kept gnawing at me; I wanted more clutch plates, an easier clutch pull, and a larger oil capacity. So, I upgraded to the Core. The upgrade was not worth the money for me. On the 350 the upgrade only added one more clutch plate – not two. Clutch pull seems to be just as hard. And it doesn’t hold any more oil.

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