Grey’s River Road

16 Aug. 2019

Ross planned a dual-sport ride from Mtn Green, Utah to Alpine, Wyoming and back.  Their plan was to leave Thursday evening after work and return late Saturday, for a total of almost 500 miles.  I was planning on tagging along, but decided it was too long of a ride since I haven’t fully recovered from my torn rotator cuff.  So, I decided to join them for one day of riding on Friday.

Years ago, I drove along Grey’s River Road from Alpine, Wyoming, to the south end of Star Valley.  It was a long and dusty drive, but very beautiful.  I have been wanting to go back ever since.

Ross’s route included Grey’s River Road, so I stayed at our family cabin near Afton, Wyoming and met them at the junction of the Cokeville Road and Smith Fork Road.

I put in 140 miles that day, with about 80 miles of dirt road.  Other than the few sections of Hwy 89, it was a very pleasant ride for me.  On don’t like high-speed highways on my small dirt bike.  Luckily the traffic was very light.

Grey’s River Road has been greatly improved since I drove it in the 1970s.  It is a nice road and makes an easy dual-sport ride – assuming the road is dry.  As you move north towards Alpine, the road gets wider and has a lot more traffic.

The road follows Grey’s River from near the headwaters to the confluence with the Snake River near Alpine.  The road grows in size as the river grows.

Here are a few photos from my ride:

2019-08 Greys River Road (2)

Danny, Ross, and Scott finishing the Cokeville Road

2019-08 Greys River Road (3)

Riding through open meadows

2019-08 Greys River Road (4)

The sign at the headwaters

2019-08 Greys River Road (5)

A narrower section of the road

2019-08 Greys River Road (6)

The river grows rapidly

2019-08 Greys River Lunch

Our lunch stop

2019-08 Greys River Road (7)

The road and the river grow as you move north

And here is a short video:


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