Gemini Bridges – May 2018


17 May 2018

I hadn’t been to Gemini Bridges in many years, so I decided to take Jamie and Jason there for some dirt biking.  We drove down to the Moab area on a Thursday morning and stopped at the Gemini Bridges staging area.  You now have to pay to park here since it is on private property.

We unloaded our bikes with a strong wind blowing, then headed up the trail.  The main road is in much better condition than it was last time I was here, so it made for a pleasant warm-up ride.

The road starts by climbing a shelf road along the side of a cliff.  It then goes through a small valley and past “Gooney Bird Rock”.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (2)

The shelf road

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges camcorder (2)

Jason riding past Gooney Bird Rock

You then come to a T-junction; left goes to Gold Bar Rim, and right climbs a steep hill and heads towards Gemini Bridges and Arths Pasture (or Metal Masher).  The steep hill used to be loose and rocky, but not it is hard packed dirt and almost feels like pavement.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (3)

The steep, but smooth, climb

After reaching the parking area, we walked about 300 yards to Gemini Bridges and took a few photos.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges camcorder (3)

Checking out the bridges

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges camcorder (4)

Looking down toward Bull Canyon

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges camcorder (6)

What looks like solid rock is in fact a fairly thin overhang

We backtracked a few miles then took a side spur into Bull Canyon.  The road used to go right to the base of Gemini Bridges, but it is now blocked off and you have to walk to see the bridges.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (4)

Bull Canyon

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (5)

There are a few sandy sections

There is a ‘shortcut’ that connects the Bull Canyon road to the Gold Bar Rim trail.  Our hope was to ride out to the rim before it got too late, but unfortunately, this shortcut was much harder than I remembered.  Years ago, I rode most of this trail with someone on the back of my bike as we went in to recover his bike from the day before.  But this time I found the trail to be very technical with a lot of ledges, rocks, and short but steep climbs.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (7)

Jamie leading us through the rocks and ledges

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (8)

Jason after making a climb up some ledges

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (10)

Jamie descending one of the rock gardens

We eventually made it to the end and were glad we didn’t have to go back the way we camp.  We all cheered when we reached the Gold Bar Rim trail.

It was getting late and we had a long day planned for tomorrow, so we opted to skip Gold Bar Rim and head in to town for a soak in the hot tube before dinner.  We had a few more obstacles to conquer before we were done, however.

2018-05-17 Gemini Bridges snapshot (9)

More ledges on the Gold Bar Rim trail

We eventually made it back to the car and started loading up just as a micro-gust of wind hit, filling the car with dust.  We later enjoyed that soak in the hot tub and a nice hamburger at “Milt’s Stop & Eat”.

Here is our GPS track for the ride.

Gemini Bridges GPS

GPS track




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