Sand Hollow RZR Ride – Mar 2017

Since Jason was still recovering from his broken arm and was unable to ride his dirt bike, we decided to rent two Polaris RZR 900s for spring break.  We rented from the Southern Utah Adventure Center in Hurricane, Utah, and rode right from the shop to the trail.

Sand Hollow Mar2017

Polaris RZR 900

We rode a loop of just over 55 miles that included portions of Sand Hollow and Warner Valley.

RZR Ride 2017

Our GPS track

The first few miles are paved.  Hurricane also ATVs and UTVs to ride the side streets as long as you obey all traffic laws.  Just after the pavement ended, we turned west and headed towards Sand Hollow on one of the lesser traveled roads.  Luckily I plotted an approximate GPS route prior to the trip, because it was easy to loose the trail as it entered the sand dunes.  This road turned out to be much rougher and bumpier than I expected.  Last time we rode RZRs in this area we were able to ride much faster because the washes were smooth and sandy.  This year everything was quiet hard packed and bumpy.

Sand Hollow Mar2017-003

Taking a break

We eventually made our way to the rim overlooking Warner Valley.

Sand Hollow Mar2017-004

Overlooking Warner Valley

The red rock formations along the rim are quite interesting, and there are a lot of technical obstacles for those more daring than us – we opted to stick with the easier routes and not risk damaging our rental machines (or us).

RZR Mar2107 (1)

Snack time

We eventually found the road that leads down off the bluff to the western portion of Warner Valley, which was our route back to Hurricane.

One of the machines overheated (I guess we drive too slow), so we had to stop and let it cool off.  Luckily it was time for lunch anyway.

We didn’t bother to stop at Fort Pearce this time, but we did stop to see the dinosaur footprints.

Sand Hollow Mar2017-010

Jason and Jamie at the dinosaur track parking area

I have never understood how dinosaur footprints can be preserved in the sandstone.  It seems that a dinosaur would have had to walk in moist sand, leaving the footprint, and then somehow the sand turned to stone before a storm washed it away.

Sand Hollow Mar2017-012

Dinosaur footprint

Here is some video from our ride:



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