Millville Canyon – Richard’s Hollow – Oct 2015

Oct. 10, 2015

Ed Lamborn offered to show us some of his favorite childhood trails up near Logan. With Jason now attending Utah State University, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet him and enjoy some new trails. Unfortunately, Jason just got a new job and had to work on Saturday, so he was unable to join us. Ron Muffler and I rode up with Bob Dawson, and we met Ed at the trailhead. We also met Al Hill and his two boys. Unfortunately, the trail was steep and rocky and proved quite challenging for the younger boys on their small two-stroke race bikes. They ended up separating and going at a slower pace.

GPS Track

GPS Track

Unfortunately we were riding into the sun most of the day, so there is a lot of glare in my videos:

Millville Canyon (#168) was a long and grueling climb up a very rocky road. It wasn’t overly technical (on the bigger bikes), but it was relentless. The rocks just never seemed to end.

Millville Canyon is steep and rocky

Once we got up onto the bench, the trail mellowed out considerably. We stopped at an overlook to enjoy the scenery and took some group photos.

Ron, Dee, Bob, and Ed

We dodged a few mud puddles on the way up, which came back to haunt us (Ed) later in the day. We enjoyed a side spur up to Logan Peak for some more spectacular views. It was quite cold and windy up at almost 9,700’, so we didn’t stay long.

On the way up to Logan Peak

The autumn leaves were still more colorful than I expected, so we occasionally stopped for more photos.

Autumn leaves

Our primary objective was to explore some of the single track trails in the area. We started by going down trail #019A, which I think is called White Bedground Camp (or spring). This was a really fun trail, but there were some sections where the stream runs right down the trail.

White Bedground Camp trail

The trail joins into #019G, Richard’s Hollow. Richard’s Hollow was an absolute blast to ride. It follows a narrow valley with a small stream. Most of the trail is smooth and flowing.

Richard’s Hollow

There are a few technical sections with some steps and rocks, but most of them are pretty short.

A rocky stretch on Richard’s Hollow

We stopped at the junction of Cart Hollow (#123) and enjoyed a lunch break. It was a beautiful spot.

A beautiful lunchspot

From this junction to the bottom the trail is significantly more technical. It has long stretches with steep side-hill exposure and a few nasty rocky bits. But with a little care, it is pretty easy to work your way down. I suspect coming back up would be more challenging.

The lower portion of Richard’s Hollow is more technical

Once we popped out the bottom of Richard’s Hollow, we took a quick ride up Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith to see Grey Cliff Spring.

Grey Cliff Spring

Bob had ridden by here a few years ago on his adventure bike and remembered being turned back by a boulder field. He wanted to see if he could tackle the rocks with his KTM 300, so we rode an additional six miles up the road.

Bob’s Rocks

Bob and Ed rode through the boulder field while Ron and I enjoyed watching them.

We had so much fun on Richard’s Hollow that we altered Ed’s original plan and decided to ride back up Richard’s Hollow. Rather than start from the bottom, we rode up Seep Hollow (#026) until it joined Cart Hollow, then returned to our lunch spot. Seep Hollow started off really rocky, but soon turned to a nice single track. It had a lot of downed logs that we had to cross, and we missed a turn somewhere and ended up on a cow trail for a short time.

The lower part of Cart Hollow is a steep descent as it works its way down into the valley to join Richard’s Hollow. I suspect it could be a challenge coming back up, especially if the trail were at all wet. But it is pretty short and we were soon back on Richard’s Hollow. It was just as fun going back up as it was coming down.

When we reached the junction with White, we decided to ride up the remaining portion of Richard’s Hollow. It was also very fun, but the first switchback caught us by surprise and we almost missed the turn. It was so fun we turned around and went back down, and then rode up Whites.

We had plenty of log crossings

Whites was also a fun ride back up. One log crossing threw Ed off balance and off the trail. He made a quick recovery, but he still may have made my blopper video for the year.

Ed heading back up Whites

After completing the great single track trails, it was time to head back to Bob’s truck in Millville. We weren’t too excited about going down the rocky road, but it actually went by pretty quickly after taking a much needed break.

Heading back to Millville

The ride totaled just under 65 miles. We were all tired and hungry by the time we finished, so we loading up the truck met Jason for dinner at a local hamburger joint. It was disappointing that Jason missed the ride, but it was fun to visit with him for a while.


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  1. Del Hanks says:

    Richards was one of my favorites in college riding my bicycle, trail used to have 17 stream crossings. Still a favorite on the dirt bike.

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