Hobble Creek Single Track – May 2015

May 30, 2015

I have ridden many of the single track trails in Diamond Fork canyon, but not the ones in Hobble Creek. The Uinta Trail Council cleared the trails from tree fall the prior week, so we decided to explore the trails. Four of us went; me, Bob, Ron, and Ross. Ross borrowed my Husaberg for its last ride before I sell it.

The red track on the map below shows our route. The blue dashed lines are the single track trails that we didn’t get to.

Hobble Creek trail map

Hobble Creek trail map

We staged at the Kirkman Hollow trailhead up Hobble Creek Canyon. We met up at about 9:00 AM and beat most of the crowd.

Kirkman Hollow (trail #012) was a little more challenging than I expected, but it was within my skill level. I hadn’t ridden tight single track for some time, so I was a little nervous at first. But my confidence and pace picked up fairly quickly. Soil conditions were just about perfect. The recent rains kept the dust down and gave us nice tacky soil. There were a few small mud puddles in the low spots, but they didn’t pose a problem.

Trail #012 tees into trail #013, which we rode east through Burnt Hollow. This trail primarily follows the ridge line, so it was significantly easier than Kirkman Hollow. It was a very enjoyable trail with occasional views of the nearby mountain ranges. There was one section that followed a barbed wire fence, so you want to stay focused on not go off the trail.

The trail eventually merged with the Pumphouse Ridge road (#115), then forks off and down to Sawmill Hollow. I had heard that this section had loose and steep switchbacks, but they really weren’t that bad. There were a few steep sections and some exposed tree roots and rocks, but for the most part it was a fun trail. To my surprise, it was much easier coming back up. It seemed fairly challenging going down, but quite easy coming up (but not a beginner trail).

Next we rode down Packard Canyon (trail #091). This was the easiest trail of the day. I think my children would really enjoy this trail. We took a short break at the bottom, and then headed back up.

Right after starting back up, we took a wrong fork in the trail. This trail soon faded out, so we fanned out trying to find the trail. Most of us quickly gave up, but someone (I won’t say who), pressed on and bushwhacked his way through trying to find the main trail. It turns out he found an old trail that went up a different canyon. We spent the next 3 hours trying to find him and make sure he wasn’t hurt. By the time we met up again, we were tired and decided to call it a day. We will have to return another time to explore the remaining single track trails.

Below are  a few video clips and some screen grabs from my helmet camera.

Kirkman Hollow staging area

There were some rocky sections

And some side hill exposure on narrow trails

But mostly smooth trails winding through the brush

Beautiful scenery

Stopping to enjoy the view (or wait for me)

Winding through the trees

And meadows

Sawmill Hollow

Heading back up #013

Be careful riding along the fence line

Beautiful trails


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