Symtec Grip Heaters – Nov 2014

I have previously installed grip heaters on four of our family bikes.  I bought them from Enduro Engineering, but I think they are identical to the Tusk heaters and they may also be labeled under other brands.  They are made in Taiwan, but their quality is lacking.

Cheap grip heaters

All four sets broke within the first year – some of them broke on the first day.  There are two primary problems with these heaters:

  1. The plastic toggle switch breaks internally due to vibration.
  2. The heater wires are very brittle and break easily – especially the throttle side.

If you choose to use these heaters, save your self some grief and replace the heater wires with a good grade automotive wire and replace the switch with a quality on-off-on switch available from Home Depot or Radio Shack.

It is also helpful to insulate the bar on the clutch side with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.

Symtec Heat Demon Grip Heaters

For my two new KTMs I wanted a higher quality grip heater, so I decided to try the Symtec heaters.  So far I am very impressed.  Their quality is far superior to the previous heaters I have used.

Symtec Heat Demon heaters

Here are some of the things I like about these heaters:

  • Good quality toggle switch with a mounting bracket.
  • Comes with heat shrink for the clutch side bar.
  • Good grade wire.
  • Dual element heaters eliminate the power resistor.
  • Optimized clutch and throttle side heating elements.

Installation is fairly straight forward.

Remove the clutch side grip and clean the bar

Do the same on the throttle side

Install the heat shrink tubing on the clutch side

TIP: Apply some glue to the bar to prevent the heat shrink tubing from spinning on the bar.

Stick the clutch heater element to the heat shrink with the wires exiting from the front of the bike

Install on the throttle side to the throttle tube, also with the wires to the front

Reinstall the grips

TIP: Use glue and safety wire to prevent the grips from slipping.

Secure the wires to the bars

TIP: Make sure you leave sufficient slack in the wire for the throttle to turn fully.  Also ensure that the wire does not snag on the brake mechanism when the lever is pulled in.

Mount the control switch

Find a convenient place to mount the control switch.  The included mounting bracket may prove useful.

Locate an appropriate source of 12 volts, preferably one that is only powered when the motor is running to prevent draining the battery.

Locate a convenient chassis ground or ground wire.

Hook up the switch and heater elements as per the wiring instructions included with the kit.

The end result

Fire up your engine and test to make sure both grips are heating in both the high and low settings.  I found that both grips heated very evenly.

Safety wire

Go out and ride and keep those fingers nice and warm!


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