Cherry Creek – Nov 2014

Nov. 8, 2014

We had another gorgeous fall weekend, so we went out to Cherry Creek to enjoy some fun single track trails. Joining Jamie and I were Paul and Sarah, Scott and Peter, and a neighbor of Scotts – Bill. We covered approximately 33 miles with a good mixture of open trail and tight twisting trail through the trees.

Bill quickly learned that a KLR 650 with a bald rear tire was not the best bike choice for this type of terrain. We started off by riding a short practice loop near the car to make sure everyone could handle the type of trails we would be riding. Bill crashed on one of the loose, tight corners and smashed his foot. He was in pain and realized that he could not manage such technical trails, so he opted to ride his KLR home while we continued on our way. He later learned that he had broken his fibula and separated his ankle. I am amazed that he was able to ride home in such condition. I hope he recovers quickly.

Bill on his KLR

The only other incident we had was when Jamie somehow rode off the trail going up a gully. It was a quick, but painless crash, and she had her bike back on the trail before I could get there to help.

There are trails all over the place. You can basically just pick and trail and see where it goes. Since I have been here several times now, I have some favorite trail sections that I like to ride. So we tried to pick trails that would move us towards my favorite sections.


For the most part, this worked. But we did pick a few trails that fizzled out or dead ended at a deep gully. At one point I think we were actually riding a cow trail rather than a dirt bike trail.

Jamie on the hill climb

But we eventually found our way and discovered some new trails in the process.

Sarah hitting some whoops

My favorite trails are the ones that weave in and out of the trees or work their way up or down a narrow gully. Others prefer more open terrain with fewer turns. I think we found trails that everyone enjoyed.



Jamie riding through the dead forest

Jamie weaving through the trees

Jamie on the rocky ridge


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