Diamond Fork – Oct 2014

Oct. 11, 2014


Kevin and Jamie wanted to do an easy ride before winter sets in. We decided to go to Diamond Fork and Strawberry Ridge since the weather has been pretty good. We were surprised that the leaves were still beautiful.

We did a similar ride two years ago with a larger group. We decided to do a shorter and easier variant of that ride. Our GPS track is shown below.

We parked at the Unicorn Campground, part way up Ray’s Valley Road. This small campground is right by the dirt road turnoff that goes over to Strawberry Reservoir. After unloading our bikes we rode down this gravel and wash-board road for about 5 miles. From there we turned north on the southernmost part of Center Trail (#09).

This is probably the easiest section of Center Trail, but it was a little trickier this time because of numerous ruts caused by the heavy rains we have received this year. In fact, most of the trails were more difficult than usual.

After completing the single track, we rode the Strawberry Ridge Jeep road north to the top of Horse Creek. This ride is really easy, and it has some spectacular views above Diamond Fork to the west and Strawberry Reservoir to the east.

From Horse Creek we took the ATV trail up to a small peak with a nice view. This trail was in pretty bad shape, but it had some nice sections that wove through the Aspen trees.

It was really windy on top, so we didn’t stay too long.

We returned to Horse Creek and rode a short way down the Sixth Water road before turning on to trail #14. This is one of my favorite trails in the area because it isn’t too difficult. I have previously ridden up this trail many times, but this was my first time riding down. This trail is fun going either direction.

We ate lunch at the junction where #14 meets Center Trail (#09). After lunch we rode south on Center Trail to the junction with the Fifth Water Trail (#15). This is probably the second easiest section of Center Trail. Most of it is pretty nice, but it does have a few steep and rocky sections. I think this trail is actually easier going the other way. But it did have some spectacular clumps of colorful trees.

We decided to take the easy way back to the car, so we turned west on Fifth Water and rode it down to Ray’s Valley Road. This trail is very nice and included some fun groves of trees and several beaver dams alongside the trail.

We rode about 7 miles of pavement to get back to car, loaded up our bikes, and headed for home. This was a nice and relaxing ride with spectacular scenery.

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2 Responses to Diamond Fork – Oct 2014

  1. Joel Davis says:

    Gorgeous! Color me jealous.

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