Murdock Basin – Aug 2014

Aug. 9, 2014

I enjoyed the scenery in Murdock Basin during my adventure ride back in June. I wanted my family to see some of the spectacular scenery – especially Little Deer Creek Falls. So, we planned an ATV outing to explore more of the area.

Since my last visit, I picked up a map that shows the ATV trails in Murdock Basin (shown in red). My hope was to explore some of the ATV specific trails, but since the Jeep roads are so rocky, we decided we didn’t want to risk trails that may be even more technical.

Murdock Basin

We met the Bradley’s at the staging area and took road #0027 down to Little Deer Creek Falls and the Duchesne tunnel east portal. This trail, like many of the roads in the area, is really quite rocky. It isn’t overly difficult since most of the rocks are embedded in the soil, but it is a rough ride.

We made a few stops along the way; first to see the remnants of the old earthen dam that broke many years ago, and then at a spot to enjoy the cascading falls of the stream.

Little Deer Creek cascades

As we approached the bottom of the road I was surprised to see a fairly large lake in the gorge. I didn’t recall seeing it in June, and I wondered how I could have missed it. I missed it, because it wasn’t there in June.

Just over a month later, the lake was completely full.

Duchesne Tunnel intake portal

The lake is full

We enjoyed a nice break near the lake, and the girls had fun skipping rocks across the water. We then headed down river to visit the waterfall, which was just as spectacular as before.

Dee & Kim at Little Deer Creek Falls

Since no one was in a hurry to ride more rocky roads, we took our time and enjoyed our lunch at the base of the falls.

After lunch we took a short walk to the head of Cataract Gorge. It would be fun someday to hike down the gorge and enjoy the cascades and pools.

Falls at the top of Cataract Gorge

We eventually got moving again and decided to ride out to Pyramid Lake on trail #0137A. The first part of this trail was quite enjoyable, but it gets pretty rocky as you go further east. The spur out to Pyramid Lake is also very rocky.

Paul, Sarah, Jamie, and Lauren at Pyramid Lake

After a brief visit at the lake, we returned to our cars and drove down to Kamas for a nice refreshing milk shake. We covered a grand total of 15.8 miles on our ATVs and dirt bikes, but everyone had had enough. The Uinta trails are very scenic, but they are also very rocky.



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