Warner Valley RZR Ride – Apr 2014

April 12, 2014

On Saturday we rented two Polaris RZR side-by-side machines. What a blast! I have talked to several people out on the trail that switched from an ATV to a RZR, and they all love them. Now I know why. They are really fun. They were more comfortable than an ATV and they felt safer. They are impressive machines.

Our RZR ride

Our RZR ride

We rented the machines from the Southern Utah Adventure Center in Hurricane, Utah. We were able to ride directly from their shop to Warner Valley. As soon as we could, we left the main road and followed ATV trails through the desert and dry washes. We quickly gained confidence in the ability of these machines.

Kim driving the RZR

On the trail

We stopped to visit some dinosaur tracks in the sandstone, and then stopped at the ruins of Fort Pearce.

Fort Pearce

We then headed west to test out the machines in the sand. Unfortunately, the sandy trails were really whooped out. I don’t like whoops. They were easier to ride in the RZR, but they still get old quickly.

To get out of the sand we found a trail that headed south, up an incline. This was a fun trail with numerous banked turns.

We also found a trail called the Fort Pearce Ridge Trail, which we followed for a while. We then stopped for lunch, and then worked our way back to Hurricane to return the machines and start the drive home.

Kim & Dee

This was a very fun trip. We enjoyed great company, fun Jeep and RZR trails, and some spectacular scenery.


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