Good Water Rim – Oct 2013

Oct. 19, 2013

Good Water Canyon is a tributary to the “Little Grand Canyon” of the San Rafael River.  The trail starts right at the “Wedge Overlook” and follows the rim around Good Water Canyon.  The bike trail is about 15 miles long, with another 6 miles of dirt road to get back to the car, assuming you don’t have a shuttle.  The trail can easily be done in two parts since the dirt road goes right by the trail at about the 8 mile mark.

In the following map, red is used to highlight the western portion of the trail, while blue shows the eastern portion.  Both halves are intermediate in difficulty.  (Normally I use color to represent level of difficulty).

Good Water Rim trail

Good Water Rim trail

Since Kim came along, we had a shuttle driver to help us out.  Jamie and I were not sure if we could ride the entire 15 miles so we had Kim meet us at the half way mark.  That worked out well since we were both pretty tired by the time we got there.

Our original plan was to camp near the half-way point, allowing us to ride the trail in two consecutive days.  The cold weather made us chicken out, so we stayed in a motel in Price.  We also decided to only spend one day here, and the other day riding Luke’s trail.

We arrived at the trail head at about 10:00 AM.  It was quite cool, but we knew we would warm up fast once we started riding.  The views from the Wedge Overlook are spectacular.

This trail is kind of rough and bumpy, but overall it was easier than the Luke’s trail loop.  In fact, it would have been better to do this ride first since it helped build my confidence at riding over rocks and ledges.  I think I only had to dismount and walk my bike three times on this trail, and each time was for only 5-10 feet.

Kim drove down one of the spur roads and was able to snap a few photos of us as we rode by.

The trail basically follows the rim around the canyon.  Whenever you come to a side canyon, the trail would climb out away from the rim until you could easily cross the wash, then descend back to the rim.

The climbs aren’t overly difficult, but they do get your heart pumping.  According to my GPS, we climbed a total of 352’ over eight miles.  Just my kind of trail!

We were able to ride this trail at a slightly faster pace than Luke’s trail, covering the 8 miles in about two hours.  We then enjoyed a nice lunch and then headed back home.  Both trails were well worth exploring.


Alan J Peterson shared the following background information:

I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to my backyard…
The Carbon County Mountainbike Club is called PASS (Price Area Single Track Society).
The Emery County Mountainbike Club is named MECCA (Mostly Emery County Cycling Association). MECCA holds 2 Festivals per year. The Spring Festival (May) is based in Green River and uses tails in The Swell.
The Fall Festival (September) uses The Good Water Rim Trail and Buckhorn Draw.

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