Skyline Drive Scenic Ride – Sep 2013

Sept. 7, 2013

Kim and I decided to take a scenic ride along the Skyline Drive in order to enjoy the early stages of the autumn color changes.  Jamie decided to join us.  Kevin had too much school work, so he wasn’t able to come.  Taylor and Nathan Wright also came along.

After loading my trailer I noticed that one of my suspension hangers had broken.  A neighbor helped tack weld it back on, but it didn’t look too secure.  So, we decided to load all of the bikes in Taylor’s trailer and haul them down with my Toyota.

We drove up Spanish Fork canyon and stopped to change into our riding gear at the Tie Fork rest stop.  We then drove about ½ mile further up the canyon and parked where the old Tucker’s rest stop used to be.

GPS track

GPS track

We rode south on Starvation road to Scofield Reservoir.  This was an easy road and we were averaging about 30-35 mph.  The biggest challenge was keeping gnats out of my goggles whenever we stopped.

Taking a break at Scofield Reservoir

Taking a break at Scofield Reservoir

After a brief rest stop to enjoy the view of the lake, we headed up Little Bear road.  The lower portion of this is an ATV trail on a steep side hill.  It wasn’t too hard, but it was a little intimidating.  You definitely didn’t want to go off the trail.  The upper half of the trail was pretty easy and fun as it followed the ridge line and eventually joined the Skyline Drive.

For those not wanting to ride the ATV section, an easy alternative would be to ride up Bear Ridge road, a little ways to the north.

We rode south on the Skyline Drive for four or five miles to a restroom at the top of Fish Creek.

Restroom and warming hut at the Fish Creek trailhead

Restroom and warming hut at the Fish Creek trailhead

There is also a warming hut which had some folding chairs, so we were able to eat lunch without sitting on the ground.  That was a nice change.

Dee, Jamie, and Kim (testing the Hoo-rag head band)

Dee, Jamie, and Kim (testing the Hoo-rag head band)

All during lunch we could hear thunder from a storm that was building to the south.  It got closer and larger as time went on.  By the time we finished lunch, we knew we didn’t have much time before the rain would start.  So, we put the chairs away and headed down the Skyline Drive back to the car.

It started to sprinkle just as we arrived at the car.

Nathan and Taylor

Nathan and Taylor

We quickly loaded up the trailer, returned to Tie Fork to change, and started driving down the canyon.  It soon started to really pour.  It let up by the time we reached the mouth of the canyon.  It started to rain again just as I was locking the shed after washing off the bikes.  Within a few minutes it was pouring again.  So we really lucked out weather-wise twice in one day.

Kim noted that this was the fastest 50 mile ATV ride she has ever taken.  The roads were easy and fast, and the scenery was great.


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