Suspension Air Bags

Have you ever wished you had the fancy load-leveling air suspension on you vehicle so your trailer doesn’t cause your vehicle to sag?  There is an affordable alternative.  I learned about suspension air bags from my neighbor.  I was able to have a set installed for about $300.

The type of air bag you use will depend on the type of rear suspension your vehicle has.  My Sequoia has coil springs, so the bags are placed inside the springs.

Suspension air bag

You adjust the firmness of your suspension by controlling how much air pressure is in the bag.  I guess it is a lot like a “Sleep Number” bed.  Fill hoses are routed to a convenient location on the vehicle.  I had mine routed to the rear bumper near the receiver hitch.

Fill valves

These air bags work very much like true load-leveler shocks, but you have to manually add or remove air.  You need to get in the habit of pumping up the pressure when you hook up your trailer, and let the air back out when you disconnect the trailer.

I run my air bags at about 18-20 psi when towing my trailer.  You can adjust the pressure based on the load you are carrying.

I lower the pressure to about 5 psi when the trailer is not attached.  You want to leave some air in the bag just so it holds its shape and doesn’t not get pinched by the suspension.

I feel that this was a good investment.  I feel safer when towing – especially at night since my headlights no longer point up into the sky.  I think it is also more comfortable because the vehicle rides flat.


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