Snake River – July & Aug 2012

This year we were able to make two quick trips to the Snake River in Alpine Canyon.

For the first trip, Barry and Karla Lloyd invited us to stay at their farm in Thayne.  We drove up Friday morning, July 20, 2012, and arrived at the farm in time for lunch.  We then blew up the raft and headed to Alpine Canyon for one run down the river.  The water was flowing at about 5600 cfs, which means that Kahuna would be pretty big.  In fact, it was huge!  It looked really scary coming into the big hole – but rather than punch through the backwash, the raft just floated right over the top.  It felt like we shot straight in the air!

Double Draw still had some fun waves, as did Rope and Cottonwood.

After the run, we returned to the farm for a nice dinner outside with perfect evening weather.

On Saturday we did two more runs, then returned to the farm to pack up all of the gear.  We noticed that my raft floor was not holding air, so I patched the raft at the farm just before rolling up the boat.  That turned out to not be a good plan.  The rolling of the raft pulled the patch off – so I had to do it again on our next trip.

We enjoyed another picnic dinner while our gear dried, then loaded up the trailer and drove home, getting to Salt Lake at about midnight.

For our second trip, Jamie invited some of her friends from BYU.  This was another fairly quick trip.  We drove up Friday morning and returned Saturday evening.  The flow had dropped to about 4200 cfs, so the waves were smaller and had much less ‘kick’.  But it was still a fun trip.

We camped at the new Wolf Creek campground, which isn’t our favorite place to camp.  But since it was raining when we got their, the more open campsites actually worked out well since we didn’t really want shade.

The rain stopped and we made an evening run.  I hiked down to film Jamie and her friends run Kahuna.  Shortly before they got there, a cold front hit, and the wind was really strong.  It almost reminded me of our Desolation trip.  Luckily, it died down a bit, so they were able to finish the run.

After the run we enjoyed a nice meal at camp.  It rained again during the night, but by morning the clouds were breaking up and we had a mostly sunny day.  There was some smoke in the air, which kept the temperatures a little cooler than they otherwise would have been.

We did two more runs, with a lunch stop in between.  Following the second run, we rolled up the raft and headed for home, with a dinner stop at “The Hub” in Randolph.  We enjoyed fresh peach or raspberry shakes with our burgers.


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