River Time – 2012

AIRE Inflatables sponsored another river video competition this year, with a theme of “River Time!”.  Since we had three fun river trips this year, and I got some good video clips, I thought I might as well enter again.  I didn’t want to put as much work in to it as I did last year creating “Duckie Tales”, but wanted something fun.

In June we spent 6 days on the Green River through Desolation Canyon.  We had two helmet cameras; one on a helmet, and one on a monopod pole.  We also had our HD camcorder.  Between the three cameras we got a pretty good variety of video clips.

In July and again in August we made a quick trip up to the Snake River in Alpine Canyon.  As usual for low-water trips, Kahuna offers the most excitement.  Double Draw, Rope, and Cottonwood also provide some good waves.

My goal was to show a wide variety of ways that river trips are fun.  In other words, “river time” equals “good times”.  So, I picked some of the best clips and put them together with my favorite Boston song, “I Had A Good Time.”

I am not really expecting to win this year, but it was fun putting the video together.  I hope you have fun watching it.

AIRE has now posted the winners.  I got another honorable mention!  Check out all the winners on their website:


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