“Duckie Tales” – 2011

Aire is a company based in Meridian, Idaho, that makes inflatable boats.  I am lucky enough to own two Aire inflatable kayaks.  Aire decided to sponsor a river video competition with a theme of “Aire – Essential For Life”.  I thought it would be fun to enter.  So, I enlisted the help of my family.

My oldest son wrote the basic story, one daughter chose the motif, another daughter composed and recorded the music and provided, along with a friend, the narration.  Another son helped with videoing the intro and ending clips.  The entire family contributed ideas and suggestions, which helped the video come together.  The bulk of the video footage was taken on Muddy Creek in the San Rafael Swell.  The flashback scenes were filmed on the Main Salmon river.

We ended up winning an honorable mention for “most creative”.  This is probably very different from any other river video you have seen.  Enjoy our video of two inflatable kayaks (called “duckies”) as they share an adventure…


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One Response to “Duckie Tales” – 2011

  1. lomseedsofhope says:

    Nice! What a great family project!

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